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There are plenty of things to do in Budapest. Visiting all the major sights gives you a delightful glimpse of the city, but if you want to really dive into it you should explore all the places locals go to. That’s why we highly recommend you to take your time during your Hop On Hop Off Budapest tour, hop off and discover the city on your own too.

So forget about the travel guides, and follow our blog to learn more about all the things to do in Budapest!

Budapest’s Culinary Journey: A Hop On Hop Off Guide to Gastronomy

Explore Budapest’s flavors on a hop on hop off budapest bus tour: traditional goulash, sweet pastries, and riverside dining with stunning views. Hop on for a culinary adventure!

Budapest Christmas holiday tips - 4 must see things

As Christmas is coming, Budapest transforms into a magical winter wonderland, so you surely are at the best place to catch the festive spirit. There are tons of places that are worth visiting during December, that’s why we created a list to help you organize your program plan. Here are the ultimate tips for your Budapest Christmas holiday!

What to do at night in Budapest? Here are the best ideas!

As the sun dips below the horizon, Budapest shows its other face - an enchanting, vibrant and vivid face. You surely don’t want to leave the city without getting involved in its nightlife. So here are the best things to do at night in Budapest!

Top 4 autumn activities in Budapest

Autumn has officially arrived in Budapest, and that means two things: you definitely want to enjoy the warmer days outside and you want to admire the unique beauty of autumn nature. The Hop On Hop Off tour is the best opportunity to use your time: you get to spare the exhausting walking , while still seeing all the top places in Budapest. But how to get the best of your autumn holiday in Budapest?

Top 10 things to do in Budapest beyond the touristic places

You surely want to see all the must see places in the city. But trust us when we say that you also want to go beyond: here’s the list of the top 10 things to do in Budapest beyond the ordinary.

The best places to see in Budapest during summer

Dive into the unique summer vibes of the Hungarian capital. Join our sightseeing tour and get to know all the places to see in Budapest during the summer!

Budapest rainy day activities? Sightseeing regardless the weather

There are many things to consider when you’re planning a holiday. You may be prepared for quite everything, but you can’t do anything about the weather. So where to go in bad weather, what are the best Budapest rainy day activities?

Christmas Markets In Budapest

Winter markets are a big events that begin in November and are known for their long history and widespread popularity. The markets are an essential component of the Christmas celebrations in Budapest.

Enjoy the beauty of the city

Travel, trips, sightseeing. They are often tiring, but all the more enjoyable.

The magnificent and ancient city of Budapest

During the invasion of Hungary by the Tartars, King Béla IV's fortress, which later became the capital of Mátyás Hunyadi, was located in the castle quarter. There are three major components that make up the Buda Castle District: the Buda Castle Palace, St. George's Square, and the historic residential area. 

Get to know the amazing city of Budapest!

There are many different ways to see Budapest, such as by yourself, with friends, on a guided tour or with a guide. If you are not a resident of Budapest, it might be tough to determine what sights are truly worthwhile, which is why assistance is always helpful.

The Buda Castle district

The majestic appearance of the Buda Castle is the image that most people have of Budapest. The adjacent district as well as the streets and squares that surround it are some of the most beautiful in all of Budapest.

Where can parents find kid-friendly activities in Budapest?

Taking a trip with children typically presents a more difficult set of challenges than traveling without them.

Summer and festivals in Budapest

Summer is here and all the festive time has arrived. Sziget Festival is one of the main happenings in the city, no wonder that everyone wants to be there at least once in a lifetime.

The second biggest lake in Hungary

Where to escape from Budapest? We have some great ideas, just like Gödöllő or Szentendre this place will blow your mind as well! 

Budapest, the city of baths and opera

If for some reason, it's worth visiting Budapest because of the baths. We have heard many times that Budapest is not only the capital of Hungary, but also the capital of spas.

What events should you visit in Budapest in 2022?

The first half of 2022 is quite exciting in terms of events and happenings in the Hungarian capital.

Things to do in Budapest

We collected some travel hacks for those who need some guidance and help with the planning and sorting out the best places to visit in the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

Hungary outside of Budapest - Lake Balaton

When people book a trip or vacation, they often think only about the capitals.

A magical trip to Budapest

Budapest is a golden mine when it comes to winter trips. The possibilities are almost endless.

We would like to continue our tour around the city

We would like to continue our tour around the city, where we are showing you different sightseeing spots and famous buildings and streets that made Budapest famous.

Three more sights of Budapest

As promised, in the previous article, it is time to list three more sights of Budapest, which anyone can visit at any time, 365 days a year.

Sightseeing tour in the heart of Europe

Why is it worth it to travel to Budapest after the big lockdown period?

The Not-So-Famous Bridges of Budapest

Budapest is the city of bridges, and there are a lot of them which are not very well known. But that doesn't mean they are less interesting!

Everything You Need To Know About the Bridges in Budapest

Budapest is also called the city of the bridges, rightly so: the Danube has 8 major bridges and all of them have an interesting backstory.

Unusal, But Fun Things To Do in Budapest

We've all heard about Lánchíd, Gellert Hill and the Parliament building. Now, let's dive into something more unusual!

What Makes Budapest Special - A Love Letter

Budapest is a city that has become one of the prominent tourist attractions of Europe in the last decade, and rightly so. It is a bustling capital that offers history, culture and great fun for all ages, not to mention it being a quite budget friendly option too. Yet, when asked, visitors of the city do mention something else too, a certain je ne sais quoi, that is quite hard to point out! So what makes Budapest special?

Affordable Cameras for Sightseeing

Whenever we find ourselves with upcoming trips and excursions, one of the first things on the checklist will always be checking to see that our camera equipment is primed and ready for use.

The Gozsdu Court – A Vibrant Heart for Budapest

There are many of us that like to travel in style, and enjoy the comforts of a luxurious life while we’re visiting glamorous places across the globe. This might be for work or for pleasure – or both even, but for whichever trip you find yourself making, staying in an exquisitely comfortable serviced apartment with all the conveniences you could possibly wish for, will always make your time on the road all the more enjoyable.

The Citadella: an Iconic Sight with a Rich History

Any tour of Budapest, whether it be on a short break or an extended stay in the city, would not be complete without a visit to the city fortress known as the Citadella, a city sight of both historical and geographical interest. If you’re making use of Budapest’s hop-on hop-off tours, then you can find this stop on the green route or the night route.

Get to Know Your Bonus Booklet

When making arrangements for a trip to the Central European delight that is the “Pearl of the Danube”, otherwise known as Budapest, one of the items that probably comes high on your list is sorting transport. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Meet the Chain Bridge: An International Icon

If you Google any image of Hungary, nine out of ten will probably feature one shiny bridge, that is the Chain Bridge of Budapest. The oldest such building of continental Europe, and a true marble of the Danube, the chain bridge is an international architectural icon of not just a country, but of an entire region. Meet the Széchenyi Chain Bridge of Budapest!

Best Brunch Places in Budapest

If you visit Budapest, don’t expect you’ll go to bed early! If not the infinite opportunities of party places, then the beautiful view of the city by night will definitely fascinate you. As far as we know what is the best you can do after a long night is to wake up, get yourself together comfortably, go out and find the perfect place to have brunch – besides a hop on-hop off ride, certainly. But let’s stop right there: we helped you narrow down the list of great brunch places, so you can just pick one from our selections – wandering around the city with an empty stomach can be very dangerous, you know!

Your Wine Guide: Most Famous Wines of Hungary

One of the products Hungary’s most famous for are indisputably wines – the country has a rich wine culture with as many flavors and colours as can be! If you’re visiting Hungary, there are some of them you must try while you’re here! Surely, our hop-on hop-off bus can’t take you to the original locations, but Budapest is full of quality wine-tasting bars and restaurants, so you certainly won’t miss these delicious wines

The UNESCO Heritage Sight of Budapest

One of the things Budapest is the most famous for that it has breathtaking sights and buildings, some of them stand there for a couple of centuries, which sounds pretty inconceivable. The major part of downtown is part of the UNESCO World Heritage – looking at the beautiful streets, the Castle district or the banks of the river Danube it’s no surprise at all.

The best hikes around Budapest

Budapest is on perfect location to do some nice hikes around town. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city after a long sightseeing in Budapest, read our suggestions to visit the greens. Don’t worry, most of these hikes are easy and end up at popular picnic locations. Highly recommended during the summer!

Off the Beaten Path: Lesser Known Spas of Budapest

If you’re planning a visit to Budapest, you must have packed your swimsuit already, as you’ve probably heard about our great spas with natural thermal water in the city. We have quite incredible thermal spas here in old, enormous and breathtaking buildings with full of tourists all the time, but maybe that’s not what you’re looking for. If you want to try a smaller, less crowded and touristy place, we got your back here - and the best thing is that you can easily approach these baths with our Hop on Hop off buses! Let’s take a look on the hidden treasure you can find in Budapest…

Everything you need to know about the castle district

Budapest’s iconic image shows the Buda Castle in its full majesty. The adjoining district, streets and squares are the most beautiful areas of Budapest. No visit to the city is complete without it. Luckily, our hop on hop off Budapest sightseeing tour takes you there! Let’s what’s out there!

The Hidden History of Budapest

Budapest is a city of many faces. It certainly has a dark side. The rich history of Budapest makes it an ideal destination for a city visit. Sightseeing in Budapest offers a unique experience and has many secrets in store. We will give you a little insight into the darker side of the Hungarian capital.

The Once Great Hungarian Coffee House Culture

A perfect charm of Budapest is the set of small cafés scattered around the city. Once a true coffee capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the city still has many interesting and contemporary places for you to discover on a Budapest sightseeing adventure. Let’s see the heyday of Budapest coffee house culture!

How Hungarians Spend their Holidays?

​The holidays are here and Hungarians are busy preparing for the most wonderful time of the year. Ever wondered how Hungarians spend Christmas? Let us give you a little taste into the festive traditions of Budapest.

Simple Safety Tips for Budapest

By all European standards, Budapest is a safe city, you will not likely to have any problems during your visit. Of course, having your city smarts with you never hurts and keeping an open eye never killed anyone. Let’s see some handy advice for a Budapest sightseeing tour!

The Best of the River Route

The best way to experience a Budapest sightseeing is a cruise on the majestic Danube River. Experience the city from this unique perspective and be amazed by the sight of the city’s most well-known buildings. The hour-long trip will be the highlight of your Budapest adventure. Let’s see where it will take you!

Cultural Events of the Fall

Budapest is by all means, a city of culture, music and gastronomy. During Fall, the city has a rich variety of programs and activities that should be visited to get a taste the real Budapest experience. Our hop on hop off Budapest sightseeing will take you to the venues, just look for the activity that best suits your needs!

Top Scenic Walks of Budapest

Ever wondered about a romantic stroll in Budapest? The city is just perfect for a little walk in the sunset or next to the Danube. We’ve picked the best ones for you to choose from!

Top sunset spots of Budapest

Every sightseeing in Budapest needs a special ending to finish the day. Why not watch the sunset from a nice spot and see the city descending into night? Here’s a list of the best places you can go to in Budapest.

Budapest: A Historic City in a Nutshell

A sightseeing tour in Budapest will reveal to you the amazing and colorful architecture that made the city one of the marvels of Central Europe. Because of the city’s long and diverse history, all major artistic styles are represented here and you will spot them instantly from our hop on hop off tour.

History of Budapest's Bath Culture

Budapest is a city of history, and with great history comes great culture, worthy of proper sightseeing. The castle of Buda, looking down to the whole city, the Heroes’ Square, standing solid as proof for the struggles and victories of the Hungarian people, the unique building of Parliament, the heart of the country itself! Loads of stuff to see!

Best of Hop On Hop Off’s Night tour!

See Budapest in a whole new light with Hop On Hop Off’s Night tour. Led by an expert guide, hop aboard and hear the rich history behind the city’s monuments as you travel along the streets of Budapest. Let our experienced and connected guides show you the most beautiful places of Budapest by night. Here are some attractions that we will be visiting.

Top Modern Art Galleries of Budapest

Budapest features a variety and multiplicity of museums and is also surprisingly rich in contemporary art galleries. Hop On Hop Off Budapest explores the capital city to bring you three of the best contemporary galleries currently thriving in the city.

Top Museums to Check Out in Budapest

A hop on hop off tour in Budapest is one of the best ways to explore the rich history and architecture of Hungary’s capital, and believe us, there are plenty of great institutions to visit! As the capital of a nation, Budapest features all of the iconic and must-have museums that one can expect, and many-many more! Hop on Hop off Budapest presents our favorites!

Best public squares to hang out in Budapest

Budapest is a city where modern and old meet - and this is not just an empty phrase that fills up travel books way too often. Just take a stroll down any street and you will see how old buildings, riddled with bullet holes from bygone revolutions live nicely next to modern apartments and offices. Yes, Budapest has a lot to offer, but for you to see all, a Hop-on Hop-off tour is just the beginning!

The Best of Hop on Hop Off’s Pink Tour

The Pink Route of Hop on Hop off Budapest takes you along both sides of the Danube River exploring the Castle District of Buda and the inner districts of Pest as well. Let’s see the best of Hop on Hop off Budapest’s Pink Tour.


Budapest once used to boast a rich café culture, with especially around the turn of the century literary giants, politicians and people of all walks of life went to talk about big and small ideas in the company of a nice cup of black coffee. While the most famous buildings still stand, they are mostly tourist traps now. Luckily enough, the soul of the once spirited café culture lives on in more hop coffee places!


Budapest is a graceful lady that shines the brightest once the night falls. We might be stating the obvious when we say that by night the city is even prettier, and yes, hiding the fact that this might be our favorite tour is a little difficult. While going on a hop on hop off tour of Budapest by day is a great way to see the city, the night tour is really the way to its heart!

Best musical venues of Budapest

The capital of Hungary has a lot offer when it comes to history and culture, and you will probably see tons of evidence of this on your Hop on Hop off Budapest tour! However, the once great operas and music halls are just the surface of what Budapest is about in its heart: a youthful city with a buzzing cultural scene. Most tourists have no idea where to begin, but lucky for you, Hop on Hop off Budapest has your back!

Winter Markets of Budapest, Must Try Food and Drinks!

Traditional and popular winter markets are a major shopping event and are held from November onwards. The markets, with their iconic clusters of wood chalets offering custom holiday treats like mulled wine, gingerbread, sausages and specialties from various regions of Hungary, are an essential part of celebrating Christmas in Budapest. Hop On Hop Off collected you the must try food and drinks of winter markets.


Exploring Budapest with a Hop On Hop Off tour is a convenient experience, but choosing from several tours can be a bit confusing at first sight. We have packages catering to all needs, however, the best-of-the best is definitely our “green tour”. Check out why!


As the seven largest capital of Europe, Budapest has a lot to offer! However, this can also be a problem when it comes to covering enough ground during your short stay. In this blog article we will discuss five easy reasons to choose a hop on hop off Budapest tour for your sightseeing!

Top National Parks of Hungary by Hop on Hop off Budapest

A Hop on Hop off tour of Budapest will showcase the best of Budapest, but Hungary is a country with rich culture and history, and there is lots more to see! The topography might seem boring at first sight, but the country has plenty of offer! In this post we will see the best National Parks of Hungary, as demonstrated by Hop on Hop off Budapest.

Check out our other services too!

Check out our other services too!

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