Budapest once used to boast a rich café culture, with especially around the turn of the century literary giants, politicians and people of all walks of life went to talk about big and small ideas in the company of a nice cup of black coffee. While the most famous buildings still stand, they are mostly tourist traps now. Luckily enough, the soul of the once spirited café culture lives on in more hop coffee places!

Most hop on hop off tours go by the famous Astoria hotel and square, which is home to an illustrious restaurant, but not many people know that one of the most popular coffeehouses is just around the corner! Csendes can easily be mistaken for a ruin pub, but do not let the interior fool you. Meaning ‘Silent’, Csendes is nothing but, even during the day! There is a constant buzz of chatter filling the airwaves here.

Hop on hop off Budapest tours are a great way to explore the most important sights of the city, but it is also important to go off the beaten path every once in awhile to get the feel of an area or street! Kálvin Square and its Prága (Prague) café is a great little dive.. well, not bar but divecafé, where time still stands still. Elegant interior, great coffee, calming atmosphere! Come here for a cozy date!

Looking for a more modern touch? Head over to Fekete just next to hotel Astoria - a sleek, minimalistic approach to coffee you will be blown over by how pure coffee can be. Do ask the barista about what you are drinking - do not ask for milk or sugar as the best coffee does not need any sweetening (or so you will be told by the welcoming staff!).

Remember, once finished with your espresso, your hop on hop off Budapest bus is waiting for you!

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