Best public squares to hang out in Budapest

Budapest is a city where modern and old meet - and this is not just an empty phrase that fills up travel books way too often. Just take a stroll down any street and you will see how old buildings, riddled with bullet holes from bygone revolutions live nicely next to modern apartments and offices. Yes, Budapest has a lot to offer, but for you to see all, a Hop-on Hop-off tour is just the beginning!

If you are rally interested in learning about the city, sooner or later you will have to leave your favorite Hop on Hop off Budapest bus, and explore the best public squares of the city. Budapest’s squares all have their own story to tell. Most of them have been recently modernized and reinvented, like Erzsébet square or Kálvin square. As vivid transportation hubs these squares provide a unique insight into the beating heart of the city!

Other squares, like March 15th or Batthyány squares are great if you are to check out the sights of the UNESCO World Heritage Sight of Budapest, the Danube promenade. With sights over the Buda Castle and the unique Parliament, these squares are great if you want to explore the essential architectural and historic sights of the city.

Heroes’ square is probably the most impressive public square of Budapest. Perched between the massive and pompous Andrássy Avenue and Budapest’s public city park, the Heroes’ square is a monumental set of statues featuring historic figures of Hungary. And on that note, last but not least, the recently rebuilt Kossuth square provides an upclose and personal view of the magnificent Parliament building. As the heart of the nation, a stroll on Kossuth is a must for anyone interested in how contemporary Hungary defines itself.

Hop on Hop off Budapest offers bus tour services to all of these locations, so exploring the best public squares of the city is conveninent, informative, and fast! What are you wairing for?

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