Get to Know Your Bonus Booklet


When making arrangements for a trip to the Central European delight that is the “Pearl of the Danube”, otherwise known as Budapest, one of the items that probably comes high on your list is sorting transport. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The hop on – hop off bus of Budapest is excellent way of seeing the highlights of the city without spending hours getting from one place to the next, leaving you with enough leisure time to enjoy this beautiful and enchanting place. So, how does it work? Very simple. All you need to do look for the big red busses then hop on and hop off at your speed!

Tickets can be easily booked from the website, and all the day tours come with a free bonus booklet with some extras that might give you a few ideas for what to do when you get the chance.

Perhaps a river cruise on the Danube will take your fancy? Viewing the sights from the river can give you a whole new perspective, as well providing a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle should you need one. The bonus booklet includes two cruise tickets so don’t miss this opportunity!

If you’re feeling a little peckish by lunchtime then why not take another look in your bonus booklet to see what you can find. Gulyas leves, or goulash soup, is a traditional dish of Hungary that is a not-to-be-missed taste for any visitor to Budapest. Don’t miss out on the free glass of beer while you’re there.

Is it time to stretch your legs? Sometimes a light stroll can be restorative, and it can be educational too when you join a walking tour, on which you can learn many facts and features of this wonderful city. These are also provided in your bonus booklet.

If that’s really not enough for you then you can take a look through the more than 20 vouchers in your booklet, with discounts for more places of interest in this fascinating city, including the zoo, museums, baths and restaurants. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time for everything!

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