Best musical venues of Budapest

The capital of Hungary has a lot offer when it comes to history and culture, and you will probably see tons of evidence of this on your Hop on Hop off Budapest tour! However, the once great operas and music halls are just the surface of what Budapest is about in its heart: a youthful city with a buzzing cultural scene. Most tourists have no idea where to begin, but lucky for you, Hop on Hop off Budapest has your back!


A38 is a floating concert hall. You read that right! The ship is anchored next to the Petőfo Bridge, right on the ever tenderly floating Danube. Come here for great pop or contemporary concerts, and that’s right, you go ahead and rock that boat! Check their site for the latest info on what’s up. The hall features a great mix of local and international performers, so this is a great destination for most tourists!

Budapest Arena

This massive sports arena is the number one musical venue for the big concerts. With a rich cultural calendar, this venue hosts everything, from jazz concerts, to classical, to even big international pop icons! Check their website for the latest, and get your tickets in advance as the Budapest Arena is often a popular destination!

Budapest Jazz Club

This is a Hop on Hop off favorite for sure! Jazz and Budapest, surprisingly, get along pretty well as the city serves as a perfect historical and cultural background for the emotive genre of jazz. The Budapest Jazz Club loves to welcome international and local performers alike, and a show at this venue is never a bad idea. Check the site for upcoming concerts!

If you feel like taking a ride around the night Budapest, don’t forget, Hop on Hop off Budapest does offer an unforgattable night tour. Leaving every night, ideal activity for you and your friends or family!

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