Top Scenic Walks of Budapest


Ever wondered about a romantic stroll in Budapest? The city is just perfect for a little walk in the sunset or next to the Danube. We’ve picked the best ones for you to choose from!

The Castle District in itself is an amazing place to see and enjoy but the Tóth Árpád promenade is just the best place to be. The walkway follows the line of the castle walls and goes on the hillside of the fortification. It’s dotted with a line of chestnut trees that bloom in the spring and make the atmosphere simply magical. The view to the hills of Buda and the nearby houses makes it a perfect spot for an afternoon stroll. Though it is often visited by locals, tourists rarely spend time here since it’s behind the most well-known sights. See it for yourself and be amazed!

A picture perfect view for a Budapest sightseeing is the Danube boardwalk on both sides of the river. You just simply cannot go wrong with it! On the Pest side of the river the panorama to the Buda Castle and old town is a UNESCO world heritage view that you don’t want to miss. The nearby cafes and hotels, historic buildings make it a truly remarkable experience. On the Buda side of the river, you can see a line of trees and stairs lead you all the way down to the water. You just have to start somewhere and cross the Chain Bridge or Liberty Bridge to the other side to complete the experience.

No Budapest sightseeing is complete without a short trip to the Gellért Hill. Don’t take the bus, walk instead! Start from the waterfall at the ramp of the Elisabeth Bridge and make your way up to the Citadel. Along the way, you will see several stops and vantage points from where you can enjoy the amazing view to the city. The paths lead all the way up, but you can take the ones that go around the hill to get the full panorama. One of these leads to the Church in the Gellért Cave on the Southern side of the hill and others leading to smaller bastions upstairs. Just keep going up and you will find your way to the best views!

Budapest amazes the eye with its picturesque setting that made the city so famous. Try our hop on hop off service in Budapest see all for yourself!

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