The best hikes around Budapest


Budapest is on perfect location to do some nice hikes around town. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city after a long sightseeing in Budapest, read our suggestions to visit the greens. Don’t worry, most of these hikes are easy and end up at popular picnic locations. Highly recommended during the summer!

A year round favorite of the locals is Normafa. A short bus rides takes you there from Széll Kálmán tér on the Buda side of the city. This is a calm residential area that slowly fades into the green. If you want, you can stick to the paved road or take a larger hike into the forest. A popular spot here is the lookout point at János-hegy, with a lookout tower of special architectural value. Finish you hike by taking the chairlift down to Hűvösvölgy, and admire the city at your footsteps! Good for winter mulled wine tasting too.

Another version of this trek is a bit harder and dives deeper into the hills of Buda. Head for Hármashatár-hegy with the cogwheel railway (tram line 40) and study the tourist map there. There are several color coded routes to take from easy to difficult, featuring a large elevation change. The good thing is, if you had enough or just want to make the way back, you can take the Gyermakvasút narrow gauge railway line.

For those who are more interested in water, the island of Szentendre puts up a real challenge. A popular way to see the island is to take a canoe or kayak tour around the long island on the Danube. You will get to see rural life, small historic towns and the majestic castle of Visegrád. Stop at Kisoroszi to take a swim at the tip of the island! You can do this trek on foot too, a simple, yet long flatland tour.

If you want a true and unique Budapest sightseeing experience, you should look for the hop on hop off signs in town. Our routes will take you wherever you need to go. Just check out our website to learn more about the lines and prices!

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