Budapest is a graceful lady that shines the brightest once the night falls. We might be stating the obvious when we say that by night the city is even prettier, and yes, hiding the fact that this might be our favorite tour is a little difficult. While going on a hop on hop off tour of Budapest by day is a great way to see the city, the night tour is really the way to its heart!


Budapest, as the capital of Hungary, is home to several historic buildings. These iconic structures are often hundred(s) year old, and with age comes a certain grace. This grace is best experienced by night, when the busy streets of Budapest calm down, giving way to a solemn, yet endearing atmosphere. In the golden floodlit light these century old buildings come alive, like stars that populate the night sky! The Opera House, the Heroes' Square, the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle, all looks their best after sunset!


The stops include the most impressive night-sights of the city. With the classical buildings of Budapest all flooded by enchanting gold light, you will soon nurture an even more intimate relationship with the city. The tour includes stops at the Opera, Liszt Square, the always graceful Heroes Square (with a duly photo opportunity), Grand Hotel Hungaria, New York Palace, Astoria, Citadella (with another photo stop), Gellert Square, Clark Adam Square, Margaret Bridge and finishes at the Elisabeth Square once again. Don’t let the name fool you, the night tour is a family-friendly program, as children under 8 are free to ride! If you missed the opportunity to go on a hop on hop off tour by day, you can always take the night tour to see the essential sights of Budapest!

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