The Hidden History of Budapest


Budapest is a city of many faces. It certainly has a dark side. The rich history of Budapest makes it an ideal destination for a city visit. Sightseeing in Budapest offers a unique experience and has many secrets in store. We will give you a little insight into the darker side of the Hungarian capital.

The city was under siege for many times during its history. The Castle Hill saw a lot of fighting and suffered greatly. On the banks of the hill, you can see a small bunker with a little museum entrance. The hospital in the hill was a medical facility during World War 2. Before that, it was part of the large cave system that lies beneath the castle. During the siege of Budapest, it was a key facility to provide medical aid for the defenders. During the Cold War, it was also a nuclear shelter. Guided tours are available.

Another notable feature of a different era of Budapest was the former “red light district.” In fact, brothels were legal in Hungary until 1926. The 6th and the 8th district were particularly famous for the large numbers of prostitutes and brothels. Just like Paris or London of the era, Budapest had its secret night life scene where older men looked for the company of young girls. The brothels themselves are now long gone, but most of them were converted to regular houses, so you can discover the traces of the “roaring twenties” in Budapest.

During the Holocaust, Budapest had its own ghetto located in the 7th district, also known as the Jewish District. The sad history of the Jewish people of Budapest ended in 1945, when the German army was driven out from the city. The ghetto was separated by large walls and their remains are still visible if you look around the Great Synagogue. Guided walking tours often stop here, though you can ask to peek inside the houses.

Budapest keeps a lot more interesting secrets that you need to find out for yourself. A hop on hop off tour in Budapest is an excellent way to discover these mysteries. If you want to take the perfect sightseeing, click our site and get the best deals today!

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