Top Modern Art Galleries of Budapest

Budapest features a variety and multiplicity of museums and is also surprisingly rich in contemporary art galleries. Hop On Hop Off Budapest explores the capital city to bring you three of the best contemporary galleries currently thriving in the city.

Trafó Gallery

Trafó is a multifunctional arts center in a former electrical transformer station located in the 9th district of Budapest. The Gallery has a very consistent and unique program, representing the most relevant art trends, focusing on Hungary, the CEE region as well as the international art world. But Trafó is so much more than a contemporary art gallery, it is also a performance space and meeting place. Theatre, dance, contemporary circus and concerts–– it is all happening at Trafó.

New Budapest Gallery

Located on the first floor of the Bálna Warehouse building on the bank of the Danube River in Pest, New Budapest Gallery is one of the main divisions of the Budapest History Museum. The 860 square meter exhibition space endeavors to present outstanding Hungarian and international artistic achievements, art groups, and works of 20th century and contemporary art. The lighting and other technical furnishings of the gallery are comparable to those of the most up-to-date European museums, and this creates a high degree of security and flexibility for the artists. Outstanding gallery, you should not miss it.

Chimera-Project Gallery

Chimera-Project is another cornerstone of the international contemporary art and project scene of Budapest. Particularly known for its neo-avantgarde and recent conceptual projects, it is an excellent place to meet the best artists of Central and Eastern Europe. Chimera-Project is located in the heart of Budapest and it is a perfect place to relax among valuable and thought provoking artworks.

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