Best Brunch Places in Budapest


If you visit Budapest, don’t expect you’ll go to bed early! If not the infinite opportunities of party places, then the beautiful view of the city by night will definitely fascinate you. As far as we know what is the best you can do after a long night is to wake up, get yourself together comfortably, go out and find the perfect place to have brunch – besides a hop on-hop off ride, certainly. But let’s stop right there: we helped you narrow down the list of great brunch places, so you can just pick one from our selections – wandering around the city with an empty stomach can be very dangerous, you know!



Fruccola is one of the most popular brunch spots in Budapest especially amongst locals. Although it’s next to the biggest shopping street of the city on a small square, there are only a few who wanders off Váci street, so it counts as a hidden treasure of Budapest. There’s traditional English breakfast with omelette, sausages and beans, but if you’re looking for something a bit more light, don’t worry: you’ll find a super healthy selection of bagels, yogurt, muesli, sandwiches and much more!



Briós is a fun place to visit particularly if you’re with children, as they have a decent playground on the spot. But what about the food? You can expect freshly made salads, omelettes with green goods, bagels and delicious cakes, and some extraordinary drinks like chocolate chip cookie latte – don’t worry, if you want to stick to your morning green tea or coffee, they have a traditional selection of coffees and teas too.


Déryné Bistro

Déryné is one of the city’s most iconic restaurants. This place is opened more than 100 years ago in 1914, and never lost popularity since then! They are waiting for you with warm breakfasts all day – pro tip: pamper your taste buds with an eggs benedict -, potatoes, classic English breakfast, or if you prefer, there is Continental breakfast as well. Don’t leave without a house bread, as they make their amazing bread themselves which you can ask for take-out too!

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