Top sunset spots of Budapest

Every sightseeing in Budapest needs a special ending to finish the day. Why not watch the sunset from a nice spot and see the city descending into night? Here’s a list of the best places you can go to in Budapest.

The most obvious place to start is of course a high ground, namely Gellért Hill in the middle of the city. Take bus line 27 to the top and walk all your way to the Citadel for the best view. The round-shaped fortifications offer a great with over the city from all angles. Make sure to wander around to find your best spot or a comfortable bench in the park. Keep in mind that the place can get crowded pretty easily, since it is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike.

An alternative to Gellért Hill can be the Mansfeld Péter Park in the Rózsadomb area close to the Lukács Thermal baths. This small and hidden green oasis is ideal for a romantic getaway or for a few beers in a calm area with an astonishing view. It has a few benches and overlooks the Danube and the Parliament. Not many people come here so you’ll have the whole place for your own. Take Gül Baba Street uphill, the oldest street in Budapest, to reach the park.

Another option would be is to go to 360 bar in Andrássy Boulevard. The place is a bit expensive but it is one of the few sky bars in Budapest with a Paris-style view over the city. The bar is open until late, but make sure to get there in time, since it gets filled easily in the summer.

A unique place to be when the sun sets is the Budapest Eye, the enormous Ferris-wheel at Deák Ferenc Sqaure. A quite new addition to the city, the wheel takes you above the buildings and gives a new meaning to the word sightseeing. Just make sure to be there in time and get a ticket, it can get busy at that time of the day.

If you take a hop-on hop-off tour in Budapest, you will definitely reach these spots and have an unforgettable experience. Click our website to find out more!

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