Andrássy Avenue

Andrássy Avenue, or Andrássy út in Hungarian, is a boulevard that has been around since 1872 and is located in Budapest, Hungary. It is a connection between Erzsébet Square and the Városliget. It was designated a World Heritage Site in 2002 due to the fact that it is lined by magnificent Neo-Renaissance mansions and townhouses that feature both fine exterior façade and interiors. It is also known as one of the most important shopping streets in Budapest and is lined with high-end boutiques, cafes, restaurants, theaters, and embassies. The State Opera House, the former Ballet School (which has been closed for several years while it undergoes reconstruction), the Zoltán Kodály Memorial Museum and Archives, the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and the Ferenc Hopp Museum of East Asian Arts are some of the most prominent buildings in the area.

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