The Best of the River Route


The best way to experience a Budapest sightseeing is a cruise on the majestic Danube River. Experience the city from this unique perspective and be amazed by the sight of the city’s most well-known buildings. The hour-long trip will be the highlight of your Budapest adventure. Let’s see where it will take you!

As the boat leaves the dock, you can see the line of fancy hotels and elegant houses of the Dunakorzó on the Pest side of the river. As the ships goes by you can wave to the yellow tram, which has a path parallel to the river. Soon, you will reach the Chain Bridge, probably the best symbol of the city. The bridge was opened in 1849 as the first stone bridge over the Danube. The illumination by nighttime is a fantastic sight and looks even better from a boat’s perspective.

On the Buda side of the river rises the elegant building of the Castle, as if it came out of a fairy tale. The former seat of the kings of Hungary is now a museum for all to enjoy. This stretch of the riverbank is part of the UNESCO World Heritage program, so you might want to take your best pictures here.

On the right side, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is visible right after the bridge. It is the most prestigious scientific institution of Hungary in an amazing Neo-Renaissance building. It takes only a few minutes to reach the Parliament, one of the greatest works of Neo-Gothic architecture in the world. The view from a boat is just amazing as the building is overlooking the Danube, with its lofty towers and main entrance facing the blue water. Some of our cruises stop here too, check the timetable!

As the cruise goes, you will see Budapest’s floating park, Margaret Island, in the distance. It’s a place where people go to relax, rent a pedal bike or practice their canoeing skills. Taking a walk here during the summer months is a must-have experience in Budapest.

As you can see, there’s plenty to see from our hop on hop off cruise in Budapest. Get yourself ready for the ultimate sightseeing experience and book your trip with us today!

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