A magical trip to Budapest

Budapest is a golden mine when it comes to winter trips. The possibilities are almost endless. Christmas fairs, various ice rinks, night bathing parties and fabulous sightseeing tours if you come here to the Hungarian capital at this time of year.

Let's see what we recommend associating with the visit:

Hop on the light tram and race along the quay!

In just a few years, Advent lights became an indispensable part of winter Budapest; everyone is photographing these, everyone has tried it already or if not it’s time now! On the trams, 3,500 cool white and blue LEDs on the 3,500-meter light string provide the lighting, and festive decorations in the inside part of the tram add to the festive atmosphere. Christmas vehicles can be found in several different parts of the city, even though only one line was lit a few years ago, there are more and more this year.

Eat roasted chestnuts!

A typical winter treat that warms our hands, stomachs, and hearts at the same time. No winter can be left without chestnuts. As Christmas approaches, we are seeing more and more vendors parade in the outfit of the last century in the city who are fond of offering this delicious delicacy.

Skate in the City Park! - There is no winter in Budapest without it

Winter can't pass without a visit to the ice rink and a pair of skates. There is a huge ice rink in Városliget for all winter sports enthusiasts, young skaters, and the elderly as well. A real winter outdoor program that is not only pleasant to get tired of and moves well, but also very fun.

Take the obligatory cool break between a few laps and warm up!

Soak yourself in a bath!

It would be a crime in the big city of spas not to take the opportunity to soak up the stress that has accumulated during the gift hunt in the thermal water. There are plenty of options to choose from, you can go to Rudas, where you can speed up your regeneration with a chamomile steam chamber or massaging water jets, not to mention a steam bath. In addition, night bathing is an option here. But you can relax not only in the Rudas, but also in the Széchényi Bath, the Gellért Bath and in the Szent Lukács Bath.

The city is beautiful not only in summer but also in winter, in fact! Many say winter is the most beautiful. We think all year round... Budapest has a special feeling in autumn, just like in winter, when everything falls into the festive lights.

Especially if you’re only arriving for a few days, it’s worth getting the most out of sightseeing. We will be here to help you.

Public transport is the fastest in the city, which is why we recommend bus sightseeing. It is also fast, convenient, and full of fun.

It is worth boarding one of our hop on hop off buses next to the Basilica, which is not far from the fairs, and exploring Budapest on several wheels. But we don’t only stop next to the Basilica, you can jump up wherever you want, just check out the stops on our website. You can also switch between 24 and 72 hour tickets and discover a lot of attractions anytime, while your ticket is valid, you don't have to discover everything at once.

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