Summer and festivals in Budapest

Summer is here and all the festive time has arrived. Sziget Festival is one of the main happenings in the city, no wonder that everyone wants to be there at least once in a lifetime. Get prepared, we will guide you through the city now and introduce you to one of the most famous and biggest festivals in Europe. 


There are many things to do and see in Budapest. Of course there are, this city it’s just amazing. Breathtaking sightseeing options, good programs and many more to see, try, taste and experience. 


The Sziget Festival, or as most people call it in Hungary, the Sziget is one of the largest music and cultural events in Europe, held every August in Budapest on the Óbuda Island. In 2011, the Island became the first of the twenty-five largest festivals in Europe to compete in the "big festivals". Everyone who visits here will be amazed and dazzled by this event.

There are a lot of people going to the festival in the morning, programs, handicraft activities, a rich gastronomic offer and of course a lot of Hungarian and foreign performers, tourists coming to the island. As well as famous, big artists from all around the world and last but not least the Danube, where there is even a small beach which is open for everyone who had enough from the crazy heat.


In August, Budapest will be revived, and even more than in the other months, there will be some kind of bustle and life going around the whole city that cannot be put into words.


We recommend that you walk around the city at this time and see what only the month of August brings with you. Hop on hop off our buses, you can easily get around the city and even drive straight to the Island by getting off the bus.


Check out on our website where you can find the nearest stop and get to know the heritage of the Hungarian capital on the same day you party at night.

There’s nothing crazy about this, there’s a lot to plan into a short vacation. In such cases, it is best to organize your trip carefully beforehand, you will definitely not miss anything from your plans this way. Otherwise! We warned you! 

Especially a city like Budapest has so much in it that it is better to look at the departure times of hop on hop off as soon as possible and admire the city dressed in the sun almost every day from the deck.

Sightseeing will not get away from you, especially if you arrive in the second half of the summer. Trust us, a quick must-see tour is necessary if you have already made this far. After that you can head to the Sziget where you can enjoy delicious, refreshing drinks, music and the kind of atmosphere you have never experienced before.


Look for the schedule of our hop on hop off buses on our website and choose the ticket that suits you best.


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