Cultural Events of the Fall


Budapest is by all means, a city of culture, music and gastronomy. During Fall, the city has a rich variety of programs and activities that should be visited to get a taste the real Budapest experience. Our hop on hop off Budapest sightseeing will take you to the venues, just look for the activity that best suits your needs!

It has become a tradition to organize the Budapest Jewish Cultural Festival in early September. The event focuses on contemporary Jewish culture, but the performances range from religious music to jazz and performing arts. The festival is a nice opportunity to immerse yourself in klezmer music that has deep roots in Hungary. Tickets can be booked online, get them early.

Another good choice for early September is the Budapest Wine Festival. One of the top events in the year for wine-lovers and foodies, the festival can give you an excellent presentation of Hungarian wines and traditional products. You can taste and buy wine, try local cheese and get a taste of some international favorites. Concerts take place in the evening. The festival is organized in the Castle so you can sip a little wine with the city skyline in the background.

The Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival showcases the best and freshest performances from Hungary and some international favorites. Theatre, design, performing arts, classical and ethno music make up the most of the festival. Cultural walks and presentations are also organized with limited availability to better discover the rich cultural history of Budapest.

The Fall Festival of Museums is one of the more recent cultural events of the year. Originally, it was organized during the Summer, but due to the immense success of the event, a new Fall event was started. Museums have extended opening times and prepare special presentations, programs and guided visits. From art to children’s exhibits, there’s something for everyone here.

A Budapest sightseeing experience is amazing in itself, but the city’s charming cultural life can make your stay unforgettable. Check the programs, choose your event and enjoy the Budapest mood! To get to these locations, just book a comfortable hop on hop off Budapest tour with us!

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