The Once Great Hungarian Coffee House Culture

A perfect charm of Budapest is the set of small cafés scattered around the city. Once a true coffee capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the city still has many interesting and contemporary places for you to discover on a Budapest sightseeing adventure. Let’s see the heyday of Budapest coffee house culture!

A prime example of an excellent coffee house is the former Abbazia on Oktogon square. Unfortunately, the establishment is not there anymore, just the building that used to house it, but it was a center of cultural life in the city. Opened in 1888, the leading architects, opera singers, composers, writers and politicians frequented the place. At the turn of the century, it was the most lavishly decorated and largest such establishment in the city. It survived World War 2, but it was transformed into a nationalized restaurant in 1949 and lost its charm in the process.

Another iconic coffee house is the New York palace, which can be visited today. The enormous palace was the prime meeting point for the Nyugat (West) literary circle, one of the most influential intellectual movements in Hungarian history. The exquisite details can be seen today as it still functions as a coffee house. Several travel guides chose it to be one of the most beautiful coffee houses in the world.

Inner Pest boasts of the Central Coffee House, which is located close to Ferenciek tere. Originating form 1887, the building saw a lot of history and was the venue for many important discussions and historical meetings. Once frequented by students, professors and leading intellectuals, it is now a luxurious place for the more well-off sort. Brunches and dinners are the big deal here, so try to booking a table if you wish to try it. Of course, having a simple coffee here is an affordable experience for all, so it really worths a visit for a Budapest sightseeing tour.

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