The second biggest lake in Hungary

Where to escape from Budapest? We have some great ideas, just like Gödöllő or Szentendre this place will blow your mind as well! 

When people travel to Hungary, they often think that the only place to go is the downtown area or the Buda Castle district. This is true indeed, that these places are the most popular ones from a touristic point of view. But! We would like to show the tourists what lays in the countryside, what other dishes, drinks, great wine they can try and what interesting people they can meet there. 


Hop on hop off buses are going around in the city of Budapest, every day the downtown and the centre of the city is full of tourists. Everyone would like to see the most famous sights and best photo spots. Of course, we understand you totally. Not only from the buildings, but also from the hop on hop off buses the view is great. 

Budapest will never disappoint; it always has something to offer. 


Going away from the city, Velence is showing up from the train. Both the lake and the city are called Velence. Lake Velence is a large body of water in Hungary, southwest of Budapest. It's known for its beaches on the southern shore, especially around Gárdony. Surrounded with great restaurants, bars and camp sites, Velence is a nice one day getaway destination for many.


There are no huge distances between some of the villages and smaller towns around the lake, so we can even visit the exciting places and their sights within a day if we choose to get on a bike and organize a bicycle tour; we can admire the stunning castles and churches in the city of Venice before splashing into the pleasant lake.


Why Lake Venice? Because they think of families at Lake Venice, because its diversity and its offers are attractive.

Because it is accessible. Getting to the lake from Budapest is faster than getting out of the city. Whether public transport or the highway you can be at the lake in less than 30 minutes. On the train you can bring your bike and at the lake you can try a hot air balloon. Wakeboard, surf and kite is a nice weekend activity, even with kids. Not just Budapest, but Lake Venice is also ours. It’s close and it is one more reason after you fell in love with it, to visit Hungary. 


Going back to the city you can take advantage of the hop on hop off services that we offer. Get on one of our buses, purchase a ticket from the different options we got for you and explore the city again. Believe us, even if you take some days off to travel to the countryside and to neighboring cities, you will still have enough to see and do, when you come back to Budapest. The city is full of treasures and full of things to discover, don’t miss anything!


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