József Attila Street

Previously, it was recognized by the name Gróf Tisza István Street. It is situated in the middle of the city, in a location that is easily accessible from both Nádor utca and Báthory utca. It is located only a short distance away from the Budapest Eye (on Erzsébet tér), near to the Basilica and Deák Ferenc Tér, and only a short walk from the bank of the Danube. If you are interested in good food, the Gozsdu courtyard, which is a ten-minute walk away from here, is where you will find an abundance of culinary specialties. As of the 1st of August, József Attila utca 2022 was transferred from private ownership to the ownership of the state, which means that a greater emphasis will be placed on "integrating it into the pedestrian-tourist zone of downtown Budapest, creating a new community space that provides opportunities for relaxation, and developing the green surface." A structure that is well-known for its mosaic and sprinkled with sculptural decorative features can be found at József Attila utca 24, in Budapest. József Attila utca 6 is the location of a building that is in the historic register. In addition to these stunning structures, this section of the city is home to a large number of restaurants that are both well-known and highly regarded for their cuisine. The visitors who come to Budapest absolutely adore this section of the city.

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