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Budapest card

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Your ticket includes:

Free entrance to museums

Free public transport

Discounts to restaurants

Discounted programs

Free entrance to museums

Free public transport

Discounts to restaurants

Discounted programs

Explore Budapest with great discounts

Budapest Card will make the whole holiday and your stay in Budapest easier. By purchasing the card, you can enjoy benefits such as unlimited public transport, free access to the thermal baths, or a discounted lunch or diner at the best locations in the city.

In addition to free services, the Budapest Card provides an opportunity to explore the gastronomic and cultural map of the capital. There are so many discounts for cardholders that you would make a huge mistake by not visiting all these fantastic places during your time spent here.

You’ll also get a little guide with the card, in which you will find everything about the use of the card, the services that the card works with and other service providers who accept it. The brochure can be found in Hungarian, English, German and Italian in the city where the card is sold.

Buy your ticket!

1. Choose the most suitable ticket for your plans!

pipa 24 hours
33 €
48 hours
49 €
72 hours
63 €
pipa 72 hours Plus
96 €
96 hours
77 €
120 hours
92 €

2. Choose among the ticket types!


33 €
- +

For more information on pick up the card, see below.

3. Choose a date!


0 €


Free public transport

Unlimited use of public transport - use free public transport throughout the whole Budapest.


10-50% discount on the total amount of consumption or on the entrance ticket in more than 100 locations in Budapest (baths, sights, churches, museums, restaurants, sightseeing tours, boat tours, etc.)


One-time, free entry to the St. Luke's Bath and Swimming Pool - as we have already said, this is a must-see!

Free entry

There is no holiday without a museum visit - One free entry to the permanent exhibitions of the museums mentioned in the description.


Free participation on two guided sightseeing tours (one in Pest and one in Buda) in English. Every day there is a possibility of an English-language tour on the Buda side - let's meet at 14:00 at the Holy Trinity Statue. We also have an English-language tour on the Pest side every day.
Meeting point: At 10:00 in front of the Molnár Kürtős cake shop. (1051 Váci u. 31.) Walking tours are approx. 2 hours.


Buy the Budapest Card now and redeem the voucher at one of the Budapestinfo Points in the description!

How to use the Card?

You can pick up the Budapest Card within one month of purchase at one of the following pick-up points.
Offices where you can pick up your Budapest Card:

How do I use the received card?

Select the type of card according to the length of your stay in Budapest and buy it online! Redeem your Budapest Card in exchange for your voucher at any office in the city center. Before you start using it, fill it out and sign it. If the ticket-controllers ask you on trams, buses, and metros, present the Budapest Card. Enjoy the free sightseeing, commuting and gastronomic experiences at discounted rates.


According to current laws, citizens of the European Union over the age of 65 can use public transport in Budapest free of charge.

  • Free Castle Museum
  • Free Budapest Gallery
  • Free Aquincum Museum
  • Free Kiscell Museum
  • Free Hungarian National Gallery
  • Free Hungarian National Museum
  • Free Ferenc Hopp Museum of asiatic arts
  • Free Mai Manó House - Photography Gallery
  • Free Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre
  • Free Memento Park
  • Free Museum Of Fine Arts
  • Free Műcsarnok
  • Free Ludwig Museum
  • Free Vasarely Museum
  • Free Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism Museum
  • Free Goldberger Collection of Textile Industry
  • Free Museum of Óbuda
  • Free Budapest History Museum - Medieval Jewish Prayer House
  • Free Underground Railway Museum
  • Free Pálinka Experience Interactive Museum
  • Gift Madame Tussauds Budapest (free soft drink in the café)
  • Gift Szamos Chocolate Museum gift
  • 50% Among the first ones... The Permanent Exhibition of the Postal Museum
  • 25% Hospital in the Rock Atombunker Museum
  • 20% Museum Of Ethnography
  • 10% Museum of Illusions
  • 10% Holocaust Memorial Centre
  • 10% Budapest Pinball Museum
  • 10% Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives
  • Gift Bucketlist Collection - Gratis Prosecco Tour
  • 50% Champion Wine Vinarium & Gastro Boutique
  • 20% Molnár's kürtöskalács
  • 20% Bonnie Restro
  • 20% Halászbástya Restaurant
  • 20% Zsolnay Café
  • 20% Vén hajó Restaurant
  • 20% Párisi Passage Restaurant Experience
  • 20% Lángos in the Heart of the City!
  • 20% Madhouse Budapest Bistro & Craft Beer Bar
  • 20% Mad Garden Buda
  • 20% Bonnie Restro Comics
  • 20% Yellow Bistro & Bar
  • 10% Café Astoria Restaurant
  • 10% Old Street Café
  • 10% LÁNG Bistro & Grill
  • 10% Hard Rock Café
  • 15% Royal Castle of Gödöllő
  • Free Pálvölgyi cave
  • Free Urban Betyár Restaurant and Visitor Center
  • Free Mediaeval Jewish Chapel
  • Free Liget Budapest Visitor Center
  • Free Walking Buda Tour
  • Free Walking Tour Pest
  • 50% Champion Wine Vinarium & Gastro Boutique
  • 50% Unicum House
  • 25% Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • 20% Timetrap Exit Game
  • 20% Ferris Wheel of Budapest with champagne
  • 15% Tropicarium
  • 15-30% Underground Railway Museum
  • 10% Rajkó Folk Ensemble & Orchestra
  • 10% Premier Outlet Budapest
  • 10% Arcadia Savoya
  • 10% Organ concert in St. Stephen's Basilica
  • 10% Szamos Chocolate Tour
  • Free Margaret Island Open-air theatre Water Tower and Panoramic Lookout Tower
  • Free St. Stephens Hall
  • 10% House of Hungarian Music
  • 25% Legenda - sightseeing cruise ship
  • 20% BIKE&RELAX Budapest Bicycle Tours
  • 20% Bringóhintó
  • 20% City Sightseeing Budapest - Hop On Hop Off
  • 20% Dinner & Cruise with folklor show
  • 10% Lunch & Cruise
  • 10% EURAMA Tours
  • 10% RiverRide
  • 10% Jewish Heritage Tours
  • 10% Synagogue in Kazinczy utca
  • 10% Royal Car - Sightseeing Tour
  • 50% Guided tours in the Pest Vigado
  • 20% Szent István Basilika
  • 10% Kazincy utcai Synagogue
  • Free Szent Lukács Thermal Bath
  • 20% Palatinus Thermal Bath, Public and Wave Pool
  • 20% Római Bath
  • 20% Rudas Thermal Bath
  • 20% Széchenyi Thermal Bath
  • 20% Aquaworld Resort Budapest
  • 20% Lupa Beach
  • Free BKK Public transport
  • Free Official Budapest Castle Bus
  • Free Zugliget Chairlift (Libegő)
  • 50% Universal Airport Luggage Storage
  • 25% Budget Rent a Car
  • 20% Door-to-door Airport Transfer - BUD Airport, MINIBUD
  • Free BUDATOWER Mary Magdalene Tower
  • 50% Guided Tours at the Pesti Vígadó
  • 20% The Main Parish Church of The Assumption in Downtown
  • 20% Saint Isván Basilika - St. Stephen's Basilica
  • 10% Dohány utcai Synagogue
  • Free Duna Bella sightseeing cruise by Legenda Cruises
  • Free Church of our Lady (Matthias Church) at Buda Castle
  • Free Molnár's kürtöskalács
  • Free Budapest Castle Hill Funicular
  • Free Free Door-to-door Airport Transfer - BUD Airport, MINIBUD

Check out our other services too!

Check out our other services too!

Hop On Hop Off

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  • 21 stops at the major sights
  • Audio Guide on 16 languages
  • Free Boat ride of Danube
  • Free walking tour

Online price: from 36 €

Castle Bus

  • Explore the Buda Castle District
  • Eco-friendly buses
from 14 €

Danube River Cruise Day&Night

  • 1 hour duration
  • Unique panorama
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