State Opera House

The Hungarian State Opera House, or sometimes referred to as the Budapest Operetta, is the country’s most famous and largest opera house. Hop off from your Budapest tour bus at the green line’s Opera House stop on the impressive Andrássy Avenue.

Originally known as the Royal Opera House of Budapest, this illustrious neo-Renaissance wonder was built in the year 1884. With its richly decorated interior, pompous style and always luxurious atmosphere all spell out the same: this is culture at its most sophisticated. Its immense auditorium holds over 1200 people, where everyone can enjoy the latest concerts and operettas.

With your hop on hop off tour you will get the opportunity to explore the area of the Operetta House. Set on the similarly illustrious Andrássy Avenue, the Opera House is a marvelous architectural achievement even from the outside. Designed by the world-famous architect Miklós Ybl, the opera house welcomed several head of states during its long tenure. Surviving the turmoils of history, it is often nicknamed as the world’s most beautiful opera house!

The opera house a regular schedule of shows, however, if you are only interested in the history of the building, guided tours are also available. A ticket for a show starts around EUR 30, but be prepared, the most popular features require serious planning! As for the guided tours, they are available every day starting at 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., and they offer English, German, Spanish, Italian and French language tours! A tour costs about EUR 10 (2900HUF, and will showcase the rich history of the Hungarian State Opera House!

The Hungarian State Opera House can be reached by Hop On Hop Off Budapest’s red line!

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