Not many cities can boast with such a lucky geography as Budapest! A beautiful river and an overlooking hill right next to it is the wet dream for all panorama lovers! And as a city with many enchanting sights, Budapest and its Gellért Hill does deliver on all fronts! Set atop the hill lies the Citadel, providing an almost 360 degree view over the city!

A visit to the Citadel is a must for any proper hop on hop off sightseeing rides, and the folks here at Hop On Hop Off Budapest completely agree with this. The green route will take you right atop the Gellért Hill, as stop 17 is essentially the entry to the Citadel (or Citadella in Hungarian).

The Citadella was built as a fortress in 1851, however, it quickly became obsolete as military technology advanced rapidly in the coming decades. Still, the fortress got its fair share of historical action as it was occupied by Austrian soldiers in the 19th century, bombed during the second world war, while Soviet tanks fired upon the city from here during the 1956 revolution.

The Citadel has several great lookout points as you get a perfect view of the best sights of Budapest, including the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Parliament, Buda Castle and much-much more. Many visitors prefer to visit the fortress around sunset, and most would agree that Budapest does not get any more romantic than that!

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