Chain Bridge

A famous Hungarian artist once wrote, if a young couple were to walk across the Chain Bridge after sunset, they cannot help but fall in love with each other. Describing the heartfelt romantic nature of the bridge, Antal Szerb captured the essence of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge perfectly!

Designed by English engineer William Tierney Clark, the Chain Bridge is the oldest suspension bridge over the Danube, connecting the sides of Buda and Pest of the Hungarian capital. Its construction was completed in 1849, making it an integral part of the then separate cities of Buda and Pest. The iron and stone bridge was mostly destroyed during the allied bombings of the Second World War, but after a complete reconstruction, it now shines in its former glory!

Named after one of the most famous Hungarian statesmen, István Széchenyi, the bridge nowadays serves as the icon of the city. Once it was the largest bridge in the world, the bridge is guarded by massive lion statues, which represent the Hungarian state. Hop off your tour bus at stops 15 or 4 and feel free to explore the views from the bridge!

You can use both the red route to reach Chain Bridge.

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