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Official Budapest Liget Bus

The Budapest City Park is the second biggest park in the Hungarian capital that has been fully renewed in the past few years as part of the largest urban cultural development project in Europe. Hop on to the Official Ligetbus and take your time to explore all the exciting sights and activities.

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Heroes' square

One of the most iconic places in Budapest is the Heroes' Square with its statue complex. There are numbers of exciting programs and events throughout the year, and you’ll also find delightful cafés and restaurants in the neighbourhood.


House of Music, Hungary

The House of Music was born as part of the Liget project with the aim to represent the milestones and characters of the music history of Hungary. Periodic exhibitions are also organized next to the permanent programs.


House of the Hungarian Millennium

The building that was formerly known as Olof Palme House has become a popular community place in the past years. You may attend numerous programs here.


Vajdahunyad Castle

Agriculture always played an essential role in Hungarian history, no wonder that the third greatest collection of agriculture-related objects can be found here. The museum takes place in the breathtaking Vajdahunyad vára, which is worth a visit in itself too.


Ballon Fly

Would you like to admire the whole city from above? Ballon-fly takes you up to 150 meter high to an unforgettable journey. The professional pilots also take care of your security.


Capital Circus of Budapest, Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Capital Circus of Budapest has been entertaining its visitors for more than 100 years. As the result of the Liget project, its new building has been revealed, thus it’s definitely a must to explore its unique atmosphere when visiting the Budapest City Park.


Gundel restaurant, Budapest Zoo

Budapest City Park’s famous sight is the Budapest Zoo. Enjoy a whole day here with your family or friends, and don’t forget to check out the fun programmes too. Visiting Gundel restaurant is also recommended for you whenever you are getting hungry.

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