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Great discounts across Budapest with every booking!

You might be able to save money on the cost of admission to some of the most famous places in Budapest, Hungary and on the price of some of the most delicious dishes in the country if you use our coupons.
More than twenty distinct vouchers, each of which entitles our customers to a discount of between twenty and fifty percent at one of our partner establishments. These venues include museums, restaurants, spas, and the Budapest Zoo, amongst others. We are no longer delivering print booklets; rather, in order to obtain your discounts, you will be required to download the Guide.Me app on your mobile device.

Guide.Me is an app designed for making your travels easier and more comfortable. Using the app is free and simple. To receive the vouchers, you have to scan the QR-code on your ticket and get access to over 30 free or discounted services in Budapest!

How to access your discounts

  • 1. Download the app Guide.me Budapest from the App Store or Google Play.
  • 2. After downloading, open the app and click on "Coupons".
  • 3. You must scan the QR code on your bus ticket, given to you by the hosts. These will give you futher inctructions on how to use the given voucher.

1. Choose among the ticket types!


15 €
- +


10 €
- +

0-5 years: free

2. Choose a date!


0 €

Buy your ticket!

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