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Hop on Hop off Budapest’s Red Route is the essential tour bus route of Budapest. Your guided tour will take you to the top of the Gellért Hill, the enchanting Castle District and the spacious Andrássy Avenue too! Explore the most important historic sights of Budapest with Hop on Hop off Budapest!

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Discover Budapest from a unique perspective with a special river cruise! Our river cruise tours were designed to show the best sights of the city from the always scenic river Danube. Learn about the city as we float by hundred year old bridges and buildings! Hop on our river cruise and enjoy the beautiful panorama of Budapest!

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Budapest is at its most enchanting grace once the night fells. Our Night Tour package was designed with a romantic mindset as our sightseeing buses visit the most iconic landmarks of the city, all illuminated with special lights!

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The Budapest Castle Bus is a new, eco friendly way to visit the Castle district without having to climb the hills on foot!

Select to your package only 6 €!

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