Full extra package

The full extra package was designed to fulfill all sightseeing needs! With the full extra hop on hop off package you get the all inclusive sightseeing experience of Budapest, nothing missed, the best sights all within your grasp! Explore the most popular landmarks with the comprehensive green route, take part in a magical night boat tour, or just simply cruise along in the night bus tour!


  • Ticket valid for 48h
  • Green Route (16 languages)
  • Yellow route (live English guide)
  • One ticket can only be used for two boat rides
  • Bonus walking tour
  • 3 glasses of beer, 2 shots
  • Bonus booklet (20-50% discount)
  • Ticket valid on the Night Route

Children aged 0-8 travel free. Only 1 children/adult travel for free. Children aged 8-18 can get 20% student discount. Over 18 must show international student card.
total: 28 €

You will recieve your ticket via e-mail, which you must print before the trip.

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