Dear Passengers,

We would like to inform you that the Hop On Hop off Buses still run, however, right now tickets can only be purchased at our sales offices or from our street promoters.

See the current ticket prices below:

  • Adult: 4000 Ft
  • Student: 3400 Ft
  • Kids aged 3-14: 2800 Ft
  • Over the age of 70: 1400 Ft
  • Pensioner: 2400 Ft
  • Family 1 (2 adults + 1 child): 9600 Ft
  • Family 2 (2 adults + 2 child): 11.600 Ft
  • Family 3 (2 adults + 3 child): 13.600 Ft

Check out our new flyer here for the Hop On Hop Off Budapest timetable & stops.

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